Designated Honoree Declines Invitation to Hit Stadium Drum

October 11, 2020 Kansas City, MO- In standing with solidarity with Not In Our Honor, the drum honoree/ Spirit Leader Edgar Palacios decided to not hit the drum and continue stereotypes perpetuated by this action. Palacios was picked for his contributions to the Hispanic/Latinx communities for Hispanic Heritage Month. He found the Latinx Education CollaborativeContinue reading “Designated Honoree Declines Invitation to Hit Stadium Drum”

This excellent conversation with Global Roots Radio on the potential of history being made with the changing of the Washington football team!

The conversation starts about 31 minutes in! Suzan Shown Harjo (L) pictured with KKFI radio host Rhonda LeValdo (R) at the Native American Journalists Association Conference in Washington D.C.. Harjo was the first plaintiff to file suit against the Washington football team.