It is time to #ChangeTheName and get rid of the Native Cultural Appropriation KC Football Team if you want to know why there are plenty of links here to educate you

Not In Our Honor Mentioned in National Congress of American Indians Resolution


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Debate About the Chiefs’ name, and it’s ties to Native Americans, Rages On and Here is Why

Leonardo Salvaggio (Italy) show with Rhonda LeValdo of Not In Our Honor

This episode’s guest is Rhonda LeValdo, an activist for Native American rights. Rhonda is an Acoma Pueblo tribal member from New Mexico, currently living in Kansas. She’s the host of the “Native Spirit” radio show, one of the founders of the “Not in Our Honor” movement (which advocates against the usage of native imagery inContinue reading “Leonardo Salvaggio (Italy) show with Rhonda LeValdo of Not In Our Honor”

Letters in Support of Not In Our Honor

“I understand that my requests may seem to be daunting, but as our nation works to address systemic racism, it is imperative that Kansas City’s NFL franchise is on the right side of history.”

Alexander D. Davis