November Native American Heritage Month 2022

As we go into a month that celebrates our People, we still continue to call out the KC Football team to Change the Name and Stop the Chop! Their continued use of stereotypical images and gestures is still Racist. They perpetuate this to people all over the world and we will always be against it. Join us today in our protest! We will meet at 4pm in our usual spot off Blue Ridge Parkway, near Gate 1.

At a recent screening of the movie “Imagining the Indian” which both Rhonda LeValdo and Gaylene Crouser are in, Chief Arvol Looking Horse Minneconjou Lakota, 19th Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, thanked us for fighting against racism after watching the documentary.

Kansas City’s team name was chosen in 1963 to honor a mayor nicknamed “The Chief” due to his founding of an imaginary Boy Scout Indian tribe. This occurred before the Civil Rights movement and before the American Indian Civil Rights movement in the 1970s. For decades, hundreds of tribes, national Indian organizations, and professional organizations have spoken out on this matter. In 2005, the APA called for the immediate retirement of all American Indian mascots, symbols, images and personalities by schools, colleges, universities, athletic teams and organizations, stating “Research has shown that the continued use of American Indian mascots, symbols, images and personalities has a negative effect on not only American Indian students but all students …”

The attempt to justify the maintenance of racist mascots because a very small number of Native Americans accept it, when a majority of us vehemently oppose them is shocking. A recent study found the more connected the individual Native is with their culture (language, traditions, ceremonies), the stronger their opposition.

With the KC “Inspire Change” and “Kingdom United” program to teach students to learn about “race and inclusion,” why not take a step and inspire a whole race of Native Americans and change the name! Be on the side of racial justice, don’t just talk about it. Currently, our petition asking KC to change the name is over 14,000 signatures.

Not in Our Honor will continue our protest outside the stadium in addition to other signage around the city. (November 6th at 4pm, November 13th 10am, November27th 1pm, December 24th 10am, January 1st at 10am. We ask:

Cease the use of racialized Native American branding by eliminating any and all imagery of or evocative of Native American culture, traditions, and spirituality from their team franchise including the logo. This includes the use of Native terms, drum, arrows, or monikers that assume the presence of Native American culture.

Apply the NFL’s “zero tolerance” for on-field use of racial and homophobic slurs to all races and ethnic groups, especially Native Peoples.

— Not In Our Honor Coalition
Rhonda LeValdo, Amanda Blackhorse, Ed Thomas Smith, Jimmy Beason, Shereena Becenti, Carole Cadue-Blackwood, Gaylene Crouser, Kansas City Indian Center

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Against the misappropriation of Native American culture

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