This excellent conversation with Global Roots Radio on the potential of history being made with the changing of the Washington football team!

The conversation starts about 31 minutes in!

Suzan Shown Harjo (L) pictured with KKFI radio host Rhonda LeValdo (R) at the Native American Journalists Association Conference in Washington D.C.. Harjo was the first plaintiff to file suit against the Washington football team.

Why did the KC football team invite Native Americans to bless the drum if they don’t represent Native Americans?

Who were the people invited, why was no one from the Kansas City Indian Center invited or any Native American with significant ties to KC invited to present dialogue?

All we ask is that KC ask the fans to stop dressing up like Native Americans, that is it! Why is that so hard if they don’t represent Native Americans?

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Kansas City Chiefs DO NOT Represent Native People

As the Kansas City Chiefs continue their season, the use of Native American Drums, images and fans dressing as Native Americans is continuing. We need to ask the CEO Clark Hunt to tell the fans, the KC Chiefs are not named after Native Americans.

Conveniently there is no e-mail address to the the CEO or Administration, although you can also send an email through the website, here is the link :

Please snail mail if possible. Image

Clark Hunt CEO and Chairman, Mark Donovan, Administration

Kansas City Chiefs
The University Of Kansas Hospital Training Complex
One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129

Bringing back Not in Our Honor


Back in October of 2005, I started Not in Our Honor along with other college students to make sure a presence was at the KC vs. Washington football game.  We wanted to educate people and let them know we didn’t appreciate the use of Native American Stereotypes for their entertainment.  That day, we had so many out supporting us, it was a great showing. Unfortunately our message of being an education rally was lost as we were called “protestors” by the mainstream media.

It has been over 8 years and Kansas City really hasn’t promoted their team as much as they have recently with KC winning.  I hear McDonald’s commercials with the drum being beaten and the announcer asking for people to put on their headdresses.  Price Chopper, Hyvee, they all use these native stereotypes as well.

It has become so bad and all I remember is the KC franchise telling us in 2006, that they didn’t represent Native people and we asked for them to tell their fans that. Tell them to stop dressing up like Natives, erecting tee pees, stop the face paint and they refused.

This year, KC will once again play Washington, but in D.C.  I want to ask all of you who want to be a part of this, to once again, go to the KC general manager and have him ask the fans to stop with the misappropriation of our culture.  Thank you! All emails can go to