Billboard Statement

Not In Our Honor, a coalition of Native Americans against the use of the Native Mascots, Names and Imagery, is holding its silent protest against the KC football team on February 7th to raise awareness of the continued serious psychological, social and cultural consequences of race based mascots, logos, symbols and stereotypes for Native Americans, especially the Native youth we serve in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Our online petition at calls on the Kansas City Chiefs to cease their use of racialized Native American branding by eliminating all imagery of or evocative of Native American culture, traditions, and spirituality from their team franchise by changing their name including the logo. This includes the use of Native terms, drum, arrows, or monikers that assume the presence of Native American culture and apply the NFL’s “zero tolerance” for on-field use of racial and homophobic slurs to all races and ethnic groups, especially Native Peoples!

We are amplifying our message by renting two digital billboards (I-435 near 103rd St exit and I-70 near Benton).  reading “Change Your Name and Stop the Chop! #EndRacismKC along with our website address”  A link to our petition is available on our website.   

Signed: Not In Our Honor, Kansas City Indian Center, The Region VII American Indian Council, The National Center for Indigenous American Cultures (Thidaware), National Congress of American Indians, and Native Artists Coalition to End “Native” Mascots


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Against the misappropriation of Native American culture

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